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Fundamental analysis refers to the study of the core underlying elements that influence the economy of a particular entity. It is a method of study that attempts to predict price action and market trends by analyzing economic indicators, government policy and societal factors (to name just a few elements) within a business cycle framework. For forex traders, the fundamentals are everything that makes a country tick. From interest rates and central bank policy to natural disasters, the fundamentals are a dynamic mix of distinct plans, erratic behaviors and unforeseen events. Therefore, it is best to get a handle on the most influential contributors to this diverse mix than it is to formulate a comprehensive list of all "The Forex Fundamentals."

U.S. Manufacturing Activity Expands for the Sixth Consecutive Month in February Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Mar 01 17 16:38 GMT
February's ISM manufacturing report is broadly positive. It suggests that the U.S. manufacturing sector continued to expand at a robust pace at the start of this year. All categories except customers' inventories are expanding, while both new orders and production have surged back up near cycle highs. Comments by survey respondents were broadly positive, with rising energy prices being acknowledged by some industries as a challenge, but not a game changer.
Bank of Canada Remains Wary Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by RBC Financial Group | Mar 01 17 16:34 GMT
While financial markets debate the timing of the next hike by the US Fed, there is little anticipation that the Bank of Canada will move off the sidelines. The Bank's uneasiness about the global economic outlook and policy developments in the US were noted again today's brief statement. The Committee reiterated that there is slack in the domestic labour market pointing to the slow pace of wage gains and hours worked as evidence. The Bank also remains concerned about exports which they say continue to face "competitiveness challenges."
Canadian Data Release: Bank of Canada Paints a Dovish Picture Once Again Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Mar 01 17 15:21 GMT
This was another dovish statement from the Bank of Canada. The statement accompanying the rate decision continued the tone of recent communications, namely that the level of the loonie and movements in bond yields are not seen as helpful given the economic slack still remaining in Canada. Indeed, the Bank of Canada once again contrasted the current economic situation in Canada with that in the U.S., with the clear message that unlike south of the border, the Bank of Canada will not be tightening monetary policy any time soon.
US Consumer Spending up 0.2% in January But Volumes Decline Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by RBC Financial Group | Mar 01 17 15:02 GMT
Nominal spending on durable goods declined 0.3%, led by a 2.1% pullback in motor vehicle and parts sales that was flagged by an earlier-reported slowing in unit vehicle sales in the month. Sales of nondurable goods rose 1.0%, but entirely reflecting higher prices (including an 8% jump in gasoline prices). The volume of nondurable sales was unchanged in January. Spending on services was unchanged in nominal terms but declined 0.2% in real-terms although weakness was largely concentrated in an 11.8% drop in the volume of spending on electricity & natural gas as warmer-than-usual winter temperatures resulted in less need for home heating.
Higher Inflation Cuts into Purchasing Power and Real Spending Pulls Back in January Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Mar 01 17 14:46 GMT
The downside of rising inflation is a decline in real purchasing power. This was the story in January. The turn-up in energy prices means that households are no longer seeing the purchasing power gains that they did over the past couple of years. This puts the onus for growth on stronger wage gains to drive increases in income and therefore spending. Fortunately, with the labor market continuing to tighten, this remains a good bet.
US Data and Fed Speeches Key as USD Tests Highs Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Mar 01 17 12:29 GMT
The Dow's longest winning streak in 30 years may have come to an end and Donald Trump may well have coasted through his appearance in Congress offering no details to back up his bold policies, but investors remain undeterred on Wednesday as US indices prepare to open higher once again. The rally in equity markets appeared to slow in the days leading up to Trump's appearance which suggested that investors were seeking more substance to back the President's bold plans but once again we were made to sit through more of the same rhetoric without any backlash from investors. It's difficult to say how long they will be willing to tolerate so much talk and no action but for now at least, it appears investors have faith in him to deliver even if it's going to take longer than planned. Should Trump fail to live up to the high expectations he's set himself then the impact could be significant.
Fed Speakers Trump Trump and Support Dollar Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Mar 01 17 11:53 GMT
Capital markets require action and details, not just rhetoric. Reaction to U.S President Trump's first address before the joint session of Congress has been largely positive amongst political pundits, however, his speech again failed to provide solid direction for investors. His address was more of campaign rally-call where the President called for +$1T public-private investment in infrastructure, reiterated his intent to repeal/replace Obamacare, and again pledged massive tax relief for the middle class.
Yen Dips as Fed Hints at March Rate Hike Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Mar 01 17 11:52 GMT
USD/JPY continues its upward move this week, as the pair has posted gains in the Wednesday session. Currently, USD/JPY is trading at 113.70. Earlier in the session, the pair hit its highest level since February 16. In Japan, Capital Spending posted a 3-month gain, at 3.8%. Final Manufacturing PMI improved to 53.3, shy of the forecast of 53.6 points. In the US, today's highlight is the ISM Manufacturing PMI. On Thursday, Japan releases Household Spending and inflation indicators, led by Tokyo Core CPI. The US will publish the weekly unemployment claims report.
DAX Closes In On 12,000 On Solid German Employment, Mfg. Reports Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Mar 01 17 10:50 GMT
The DAX Index has headed higher in the Wednesday session. Currently, the DAX is trading at 11,989.50 points, its highest level since February 23. The index is poised to punch past the symbolic 12,000 level. On the release front, German indicators are in the spotlight. Unemployment Change declined by 14 thousand, above the forecast of -10 thousand. German Final Manufacturing PMI improved to 56.8, close to the estimate of 57.0 points. Later in the day, we'll get a look at Preliminary CPI, which is expected to rebound with a gain of 0.6%. On Thursday, the eurozone releases CPI reports.
EUR/USD – Euro Dips Ahead Of German CPI, Manufacturing Reports Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Mar 01 17 10:42 GMT
EUR/USD is slightly lower in the Wednesday session. Currently, the pair is trading at 1.0540. It's another full day on the release front, with a host of events in the eurozone and the US. Germany will release inflation, employment and manufacturing reports. The eurozone will also publish Manufacturing PMI. In the US, today's highlight is the ISM Manufacturing PMI. On Thursday, the eurozone releases CPI reports, and the US will publish unemployment claims.
European Market Update: Reflation Trade Not Just For America As German State Feb CPI Readings Confirm Rebound Remains On Course Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Trade The News | Mar 01 17 10:38 GMT
Continued hawkish rhetoric from voting Fed members (Harker, Dudley, Willaims) kept the USD on firm footing as President Trump's 1st major policy speech offers no detail on stimulus spending. The USD index hit a 7-week high in early European trading aided by 10-year Treasury yields testing 2.42% overnight
USD Higher As Trump Defuses Political Tensions Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Swissquote Bank SA | Mar 01 17 10:26 GMT
The greenback extended gains across the board amid Donald Trump's use of a more pacifying tone during his address before Congress. The dollar index surged 0.60% during the Asian session as it tested 101.73, but was unable to break the resistance implied by the high from February 15th. Equity markets also welcomed Trump’s speech as Asian regional exchanges were trading in positive with the Nikkei rising 1.44%. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng was up 0.21%, while in mainland China the Shanghai Composite was up 0.16%. US futures also climbed higher as the S&P futures rose 0.33%, while the ones on the Nasdaq were up 0.31%.
Return Of The Buck Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by | Mar 01 17 09:28 GMT
This is my second note of the day, a testament to how I early I woke to listen to a politically interesting, but economically dull, speech from President Trump to Congress. The media is focused on the lack of detail surrounding his tax cuts and infrastructure plans, however, the market that matters at the moment - the Fed Funds Futures market – has surged into life since Trump spoke earlier, and is now pricing in a whopping 80% chance of a rate hike from the Federal Reserve at its next meeting on 15th March; just last week this was only 34%.
President Trump Shifts Tone And Appears Presidential Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by ForexTime | Mar 01 17 09:25 GMT
The eyes of the world have been hooked on President Trump overnight as he delivered his first speech to congress. There was an element of surprise for viewers because Trump actually appeared Presidential during his speech, following what has been quite a rough first 40 days in office. While the US markets slipped lower and there was still no real clarity provided towards how Trump will implement his campaign promises, the shift in tone from the US President was more guided towards how he publically appeared after winning the election back in November where he soothed investor's nerves with messages around the need for partnership and peace. Nevertheless, the undertone of "America First, And Always" was still very much present but the US President was at least not just pushing his far-right agenda on this occasion.
US: Limited New Information About Trumponomics In Trump's Joint Address To Congress Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Danske Bank | Mar 01 17 09:20 GMT
Overnight, President Trump delivered his joint address to Congress. Overall, the speech gave an overview of Trump's accomplishment so far and what he wants to focus on throughout his presidency and thus the speech included little new information. The speech was not only about economics but also about crime, immigration, border control and Obamacare.
Swiss KOF Index Climbs 5.2 Points In February Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Dukascopy Swiss FX Group | Mar 01 17 09:14 GMT
Data released on Tuesday revealed that the Swiss KOF leading indicator surged markedly over the month of February, pointing to better-than-expected growth in the country's economy. The KOF Swiss Economic Institute reported the KOF index added 5.2 points in February, which is strongly above its long-term average, jumping to 107.2 from an upwardly revised reading of 102.0 registered in the preceding month. The upmove was mainly driven by the positive trend established in the manufacturing and hospitality sectors coupled with favourable signals from the financial, exporting and construction industries. Furthermore, the KOF said that the upgraded sentiment in manufacturing came mainly from paper, textile, architects and machine-building sectors, whilst other industries posted almost no change over the observed period. Apart from that, the report revealed the KOF had also revised upwards its confidence in the country's manufacturing on the back of generally more optimistic assessment of incoming orders along with a positive outlook for production and employment. Overall, the KOF report suggested that the Swiss economy should expand at an above-average growth pace in the months to come.
US Economy Confirms 1.9% Growth In Q4 Despite Higher Consumer Spending Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Dukascopy Swiss FX Group | Mar 01 17 09:13 GMT
The US economy grew less than expected in December quarter even in spite of higher consumer spending observed in the reported period. Figures released on Tuesday showed the US economy grew at an annualised pace of 1.9% in the Q4, following a strong 3.5% reading registered in the preceding quarter and falling behind analysts' expectations for a 2.1% rise. In the report, the Commerce Department highlighted that the economic growth was mainly boosted by consumer spending that was revised to 3.0% from 2.5% reported previously. With household spending accounting for no less than 70% of the American economic activity, analysts around the world remained optimistic on the overall growth in the country in the months ahead. Furthermore, the report revealed that the surge in purchases by consumers in the final quarter of 2016 was mainly driven by higher sales of new cars and trucks. Apart from that, Americans were seen to have spent more on health care. On balance, inventory investment was revised down to $46.2B from $48.7B, while spending on equipment rose a more modest 1.9% instead of 3.1% originally estimated. Moreover, there were changes in trade figures, with imports climbing 8.5% along with a sharp 4.0% decline in observed in exports.
USD Surges after a Salvo of FOMC and Trump Remarks Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by FXGiants | Mar 01 17 08:51 GMT
Overnight, the US dollar outperformed most of its major counterparts following a barrage of hawkish remarks from FOMC officials, as well as comments on infrastructure spending by President Trump before Congress. The dollar rally was triggered by New York Fed President Dudley, who indicated that the case for a rate hike has become "a lot more compelling". Considering that Dudley usually maintains a neutral tone with regards to policy, these hawkish hints probably came as a surprise to many market participants, and revived some hopes with regards to a March hike. The chorus of optimistic FOMC comments continued with St. Louis Fed President Bullard and San Francisco Fed President Williams, both of which indicated that a near-term rate hike is a considerable possibility.
USD Still In A Limbo, Even As Fed Rate Expectations Rise Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by KBC Bank | Mar 01 17 07:48 GMT
Yesterday evening Fed governors Williams and Dudley hinted that a March Fed rate hike has become ever more likely. The dollar started a gradual rebound. However, the upside momentum was hampered as President Trump failed to give any details on fiscal policy. Still, the US eco data and Fed rate expectations might support further USD gains.
Asian Market Update: Trump Promises Tax Relief And $1T Infrastructure Investment Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Trade The News | Mar 01 17 07:35 GMT
Asia tracking slightly firmer, with Nikkei225 a clear outperformer on weaker JPY; USD/JPY has added to gains with the case for March Fed rate hike growing rapidly in the wake of stronger economic data (Richmond Fed index and Chicago PMI today) and notably more hawkish Fed-speak (typically a dove, New York's Dudley said case for March is more compelling). Rates on the short end of the curve spiked higher, while the Vix closed at its highest level of 2017.
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