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Bank Of Japan Reconfirms 2% Inflation Rate Print E-mail
Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Easy Forex | Dec 02 13 09:32 GMT

Bank Of Japan Reconfirms 2% Inflation Rate


The euro (EUR) found strong resistance over the previous week reaching 1.3620 against the dollar. The single currency will see volatility picking up this week ahead of Thursday's European Central Bank press conference.

The US dollar (USD) continues its bullish rally against the Japanese yen (JPY) reaching 102.56 last night. The yen came under pressure as Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda reconfirmed in his statements last night that the Bank will continue with easing of the money supply until inflation reached the 2% target level.


US equities opened the week lower after last week's slow Thanksgiving market. The US 500 (SPI) moved lower to 1804 from 1811 on Friday.


Brent Crude (BRT) has moved lower at 110.04 dollars per barrel in early trading, down from 111.40 last week.

Mover & Shaker with FX Options

Gold (XAU) has been range bound over the past week around the 1245 level. The precious metal could see its volatility pick up this week as we expect a breadth of news coming out over the next 4 days.
Option traders may consider constructing Long Straddle Strategies on Gold to capitalise on higher volatility over the coming week.

The Long Straddle is constructed by purchasing an at-the-money Call and an at-the-money Put option on the Gold, and may prove profitable if the price of gold moves higher or lower.


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