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Fundamental analysis refers to the study of the core underlying elements that influence the economy of a particular entity. It is a method of study that attempts to predict price action and market trends by analyzing economic indicators, government policy and societal factors (to name just a few elements) within a business cycle framework. For forex traders, the fundamentals are everything that makes a country tick. From interest rates and central bank policy to natural disasters, the fundamentals are a dynamic mix of distinct plans, erratic behaviors and unforeseen events. Therefore, it is best to get a handle on the most influential contributors to this diverse mix than it is to formulate a comprehensive list of all "The Forex Fundamentals."

Weekly Wrap: Dollar Correction Extends Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by ThinkForex | Oct 20 14 03:49 GMT
A slight increase of short positions has been added but price continues to whipsaw within a 2c range making positional trading tricky. We have now seen 2x Hammers near the 4-year lows which could either be an inverted Hammer (bullish) or Shooting Star (Bearish) if we break below 0.863. Until then we have to assume the correction and whipsaws will continue. RBA minutes are unlikely to provide much information but traders will look out for any hint of macro-prudential tools for the housing market. Stevens also speaks on Thursday which may provide further direction.
Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by Wells Fargo Securities | Oct 18 14 04:26 GMT
Ghouls and hobgoblins seem to have a knack for taking control over the financial markets in October. The month marked some of the darkest days of the Financial Crisis and also captured many of the worst days on record for the major stock market averages, including Black Monday on October 19, 1987 and Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, which culminated the two-day sell-off that ushered in the Great Depression. The 1929 sell off also included a Black Thursday and a Black Friday. Wednesday morning started out like we would finally complete the set, with the Dow briefly falling 430 points and the 10-year Treasury bond briefly tumbling 33 basis points to yield just 1.86 percent. Fortunately, the stock market caught its senses somewhat and finished the day down just 173 points and bond yields bounced back up to 2.14 percent.
The Weekly Bottom Line Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Oct 18 14 04:07 GMT
Oh, how quickly things can change. Back in July, volatility in equity and bond markets was notably missing. Concerns over complacency in financial markets fell on deaf ears, and certain asset values looked stretched. That is until this week, with volatility coming back in a big way. The U.S. equity fear gauge, also known as the VIX, hit its highest level since the euro zone crisis in 2012. At one point on Wednesday, ten-year Treasury yields were down 33bps, while the S&P500 had given back all its gains on the year.
EURUSD, the Fed and the ECB Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by | Oct 18 14 03:58 GMT
A funny thing happened last week: there were signs of a re-emergence of the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone, but the euro actually managed to eke out a gain against most of the G10 currencies including the pound and the US dollar. This does not mean that the market did not take seriously the rise in Greek bond yields to nearly 9%; instead, it was mostly centered in the bond market, rather than the FX market.
Week in FX Americas - US Retail Sales Tackles USD Rally Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Oct 18 14 03:42 GMT
One of the expected drivers of a US Economic recovery are consumers. In a week that will live down in history based on the size of the correction the US retail sales came in at -0.3% not a disaster in itself, but under the expected -0.1%. Consumers are still cautious about their spending. It will be interesting to see how low gasoline prices and even the introduction of the iPhone 6 plays into next month's figures.
Week in FX Europe - German Growth Concerns Rise As European Engine Stalls Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Oct 18 14 03:41 GMT
Germany's ZEW Institute released its monthly survey falling into negative territory. The financial analysts who participate are not optimistic and could hint an upcoming contraction in the third quarter. The EUR/USD was trading below 1.27 and expected to head lower awaiting US retail sales. What happened next could very well define what colour ink do investors use to describe 2014. A weaker than expected US retail sales figures spooked investors into a sell off that saw the EUR/USD pair break above 1.28 as safe haven flows took over and European bond yields went their own way. German bunds were favoured, but Spanish, Italian and Greek debt came very close to crisis levels.
Week in FX Asia - JPY Thriving on Market Turmoil Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Oct 18 14 03:39 GMT
This week was going according to plan around the globe until the release of the US Retail Sales numbers came in. A worse than expected -0.3% growth in September spooked the market into believing that the US economy could be as fragile as the rest of the globe. Asian stock markets were hit as investors were selling off their long positions and favoured the JPY as a safe destination. This caused a reversal in the price of the Yen which have been trading in a tight range around 107 only to drop below 106 as fear gripped the markets.
Weekly Focus: Slowdown Fears Unsettle Markets Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Oct 18 14 03:38 GMT
Weak retail sales in the US caused concerns about the global economy to increase and triggered significant declines in equity, oil and other risk asset prices. Even if the market corrects in the short term, there will still be a significant risk of further turmoil. Inflation in Sweden has been much lower than the Riksbank expected in September, which probably means a further rate cut later this month.
Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by Wells Fargo Securities | Oct 11 14 04:13 GMT
This week's light economic calendar provided little in the way of major changes to our views on the third quarter growth environment or future Fed policy. Job openings data continued to signal labor market improvement and suggested that the current robust pace of job growth should continue in the months ahead. Minutes from the September FOMC meeting indicated that the Committee has become concerned about the global growth picture and the possible effects of the stronger U.S. dollar. Wholesale inventories data pointed to a slightly higher pace of inventory building in the first two months of the third quarter while import prices continued to soften in September.
The Weekly Bottom Line Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Oct 11 14 03:56 GMT
A major theme in financial markets over the past several weeks has been the swift appreciation of the U.S. dollar. Measured against major currencies on a trade-weighted basis, the U.S. dollar has risen by more than 7.5% over the last three months. The run-up in the dollar stems from divergent expectations for monetary policy between the United States and other advanced economies. At a time when the American economy appears to have found its stride, others have stumbled. Europe continues to battle with a low-growth, disinflationary environment, while economic growth prospects in Japan remain exceptionally weak.
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