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Fundamental analysis refers to the study of the core underlying elements that influence the economy of a particular entity. It is a method of study that attempts to predict price action and market trends by analyzing economic indicators, government policy and societal factors (to name just a few elements) within a business cycle framework. For forex traders, the fundamentals are everything that makes a country tick. From interest rates and central bank policy to natural disasters, the fundamentals are a dynamic mix of distinct plans, erratic behaviors and unforeseen events. Therefore, it is best to get a handle on the most influential contributors to this diverse mix than it is to formulate a comprehensive list of all "The Forex Fundamentals."

Trump's Address to Congress, BoC Policy Meeting, Key Data in Focus Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by FXGiants | Feb 25 17 04:15 GMT
In the US, all eyes will be on President Trump's address to a joint session of Congress. Markets will be looking for any specifics on tax reform and other policies. In Canada, we expect the BoC to take the sidelines amid gradually improving economic data. We also get a plethora of key economic data from the US, Australia, the UK, Germany, the Eurozone, Canada, and Japan.
Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by Wells Fargo Securities | Feb 25 17 04:05 GMT
During a light week of economic indicators, we received up-todate data on sales activity and pricing in the U.S. housing market. Following the first monthly contraction in five months in December, existing home sales rebounded 3.3 percent in January to a 5.69 million-unit rate, reaching the highest level in the postrecession period. Single-family sales rose 2.6 percent from an upwardly revised December print, and condos/co-ops grew 8.3 percent during the month.
The Weekly Bottom Line Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Feb 25 17 03:36 GMT
This week we got further signs that global economic growth continued to firm at the start of 2017. Despite elevated policy uncertainty, financial market volatility remains low, but it's unclear if this is a sign of market certainty or complacency about the economic outlook. Indeed, the global outlook is looking a little rosier than a month ago. Preliminary surveys of manufacturers for February point to continued strong expansion in advanced economies despite elevated political uncertainty from upcoming European elections.
Markets Turn Focus Towards Trump Address to Congress Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by | Feb 25 17 03:28 GMT
On the evening of Tuesday, February 28th, US President Trump is slated to give a major address to a joint session of Congress in lieu of the usual State of the Union address, as Former President Obama also did when he was newly-inaugurated. This first official congressional address by Trump will potentially be pivotal for financial markets, especially since he has promised a major impending announcement regarding what he has claimed to be a "phenomenal" tax reform plan.
Week Ahead Dollar Mixed as Trump Pro-Growth Policies Remain Vague Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by MarketPulse | Feb 25 17 03:24 GMT
The U.S. dollar is mixed against majors as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes pointed to an interest rate hike "fairly soon" but were contrasted with cautious comments from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that have reduced expectations of pro-growth policies being introduced in the short term. House Speaker Paul Ryan invited President Trump at the end of January to speak before congress to deliver his first public address after his inauguration. This could be an opportunity to refocus his administration into pushing his anticipated fiscal stimulus and infrastructure spending policies.
Weekly Focus: Will We Finally Get Some Details on Trump's Tax Policy? Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by Danske Bank | Feb 24 17 15:05 GMT
Holding an EU/euro referendum would be difficult for Marine Le Pen without strong parliamentary backing. EUR periphery spread widening if Le pen wins but ECB set to stand ready to ease financial spillover. In FX markets, we would expect the EUR to weaken versus other major currencies and EUR/USD to settle 2-3 figures lower. Nordic FX and FI markets are set to see safe-haven inflows in the case of a Le Pen win.
Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by Wells Fargo Securities | Feb 18 17 02:11 GMT
Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Chair Yellen went to Capitol Hill for her semiannual testimony. While uneventful for the most part, clear signals were sent that the FOMC intends to hike rates at a slightly faster pace this year. With respect to understanding when the FOMC may decide to halt reinvestments of maturing portfolio holdings, Yellen indicated that in order to consider reducing the size of the Fed's balance sheet, the committee wants to ensure that "the economy is on a solid course and the federal funds rate has reached levels where we have some ability to address weakness by cutting it." She reiterated the Fed's monetary policy normalization principals including the fact that the committee will continue to reinvest principal payments on maturing assets until "normalization of the level of the federal funds rate is well underway."
The Weekly Bottom Line Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by TD Bank Financial Group | Feb 18 17 01:51 GMT
Investors continued to be enamored by the potential for growth-inducing policies of President Trump this Valentine's Day week despite relatively few details. While politics continued to drive headlines, financial markets were more focused on healthy earnings and robust economic data. The three main U.S. equity indices hit record highs on Wednesday, before paring back some gains through this morning. The sell-off in the bond market, which saw the U.S. 10-year Treasury rise near 2.5% by mid-week as Janet Yellen testified to Congress, also reversed course recently, with the benchmark falling to 2.4% by this morning.
FOMC & RBA February Meeting Minutes, Key Data in Focus Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by FXGiants | Feb 18 17 01:44 GMT
RBA will release the minutes from its February policy meeting. The tone of the statement accompanying that decision was surprisingly optimistic in our view, as the officials basically disregarded the latest mixed batch of data out of Australia. They indicated that although GDP growth was negative in Q3, this was due to temporary factors, and a return to reasonable growth is expected in Q4. With regards to the slip in the underlying inflation rate for Q4, the RBA simply indicated that the CPIs were more or less in line with their forecasts, and that even though inflation remains low, it is expected to return to target over time. We will go through the minutes in order to confirm whether the officials are indeed as confident on the domestic economy as the statement led us to believe. What's more, another theme that may attract attention is their view on the AUD. The RBA has repeatedly expressed its desire for a weaker currency and the market has not been paying a lot of attention to that.
US Markets Await Next Move by Trump, Fed Print E-mail
Weekly Forex Fundamentals | Written by | Feb 18 17 01:36 GMT
The last two days of the week have seen US stocks cool down slightly after a relentless, record-breaking run in the previous five days that was due in part to ever-rising anticipation surrounding President Trump's fiscal stimulus plans. Likewise, the US dollar had been rising in a sharp rebound until the latter half of the week, when continued uncertainty over the Federal Reserve's path of rate hikes was pushed to the forefront. With a solid earnings season starting to wind down, US equities in the upcoming weeks will be driven even more by Trump's actions, speeches, and tweets. The dollar will also be affected by developments emanating from the Trump Administration's economic policies, but even more so by continued speculation over the Fed's rate hike trajectory.
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