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Do What You Love

I have a pretty good taste in art, I think. At least, I can go into most art galleries, find the piece that I like the best, and it is usually one of the most expensive pieces in the gallery. I can do that except for abstract art. I remember one gallery in Paris that we went into. This artist had a very expressionist style and I liked most of the work in the gallery, but it was all very expensive.

With that introduction, I'd like to mention that I've watched my wife learn art and go from beginning artist to a fantastic artist in a period of about 5-10 years. Many of her pieces might now be the type of work that I'd tend to gravitate to in a gallery.

And I think her art turned the corner as a result of two things she did. First, she went to an Avatar workshop in Ireland. She didn't think that she got that much out of the workshop, but her painting took a leap forward after that workshop. She said that somehow it freed her creative expressive.

The second thing she did was to start a program in a book called The Artists Way by Julie Cameron. As she worked through the program I noticed that her art was getting better and better. She painted her first painting in the style of the artist we both admired in Paris and my feeling was that it was as good as his work.

At this point, what I noticed was that Kala was really loving her work. She actually opened up a web site called to sell her painting. She painting two pieces for her brother in Singapore and he thought that they were pieces that she had bought. And our friend DR Barton actually commissioned her to paint something for his study. And the work was fabulous.

So what does this have to do with trading and success? I've noticed that the people who are really successful in many, many fields start some sort of program of self improvement. I have mentioned many of those in past tips and the Artists Way is one of them. They move into what they love to do and as they commit to it (because they love it) all sorts of things happen to make it work for them

And one day my wife announced to me, “No one has more self-sabotage than me,” as she was going through her program. I was delighted to hear her say that, not because it is true, but because when people begin to think that, then I know they've come a long way in their self-work program. In fact, just saying that told me that she was way ahead of most people who are so numb to their self-sabotage that they are not even aware of it. It shows in her art and it shows in her way of being. I'm very proud of her.

In our Super Trader program, I have most of the people in there spend at least six months (or perhaps a year) of their two years doing psychological work. And as they begin to get insights of how much self-sabotage they really do have, and also get the desire to move through it all, then I know they'll make it.

Dr. Van K Tharp

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