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FxPro Company

FxPro Company

FxPro is a leading FX broker specialising in Contracts for Difference on foreign exchange, futures, shares and spot metals. Since our establishment in 2006 we have focused on being an innovator in retail Forex and a driving force for transparency and fairness across the trading industry as a whole. FxPro is currently licensed by two regulatory bodies; the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Since being founded we have passed a number of important milestones which have improved the level of service we are able to provide our traders as well as making us much more. In 2012 we fully aligned our interests with our clients by becoming a 100% Agency Model FX broker, meaning that FxPro passes orders straight through to the market without taking on any proprietary risk. Unlike Market Maker brokers, FxPro's revenues do not come from lost account balances, but from commissions based on the volume traded. This means it is in our interests for our clients to enjoy long and profitable trading careers; we are dedicated to providing them with all the tools and resources necessary to help them become better traders.

This alignment of interests has allowed us to develop a number of pioneering trading tools that have made the FX market more accessible to a greater number of potential clients. FxPro SuperTrader is our newest offering and our most ambitious project of this kind. Under one intuitive interface we have made the creation and management of an FX portfolio available to investors without prior trading experience.

Going forward FxPro intends to continue shaping the FX industry of the future and setting an example for others to follow.

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