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CNBC 24-7 Trading: Around the Clock, Around the World
Trading and Investing Books | Written by Rockefeller, Barbara |

CNBC 24/7 Trading: Around the Clock, Around the WorldCNBC 24/7 Trading: Around the Clock, Around the World


The advent of the Internet has turned investing into a round-the-clock, global occupation–24 hours a day, seven days a week. Profits are just waiting to be made somewhere, any time of the day or night–if you know how to find them.

Now, CNBC, the world leader in business news, draws on its renowned resources to provide a road map to today’s ever expanding wide-open world of information and investment opportunities. In CNBC 24/7 Trading, CNBC and financial expert Barbara Rockefeller show individual investors how to make sense of the flood of facts, figures, and theories coming our way–and reap the rewards they offer.

Orienting you to the challenges of today’s new markets and technology, and presenting the strategies that work best around the world, CNBC 24/7 Trading helps you synthesize, clarify, and prepare to profit from the market that never sleeps. Here you will learn: *Why liquidity is key to successful trading–and how to assess it *How to analyze risk to minimize losses *How global ECNs work *How to scan and screen for stocks around the world *The ins and outs of ADRs, exchange-traded funds, and iShares . . . and much more. And this is only the beginning. As accessible yet savvy as CNBC’s television programs, this is a groundbreaking book that investors of all levels will turn to again and again. Because every time a closing bell rings, another market is opening somewhere in the world–and another opportunity awaits.

CNBC is the recognized global leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 160 million homes and offices worldwide. CNBC and Wiley are proud to launch the "CNBC Profit from it" book series with this initial title, CNBC 24/7 Trading.

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Introduction: Getting Oriented in the New 24/7 World.


Getting Started in 24/7 Trading.

Trading 24/7.

Liquidity 24/7.

Risk 24/7.


Finding Stocks 24/7.

Why Go 24/7?

Assessing Country Risk in the 24/7 World.

24/7 at Home.



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