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Innergame Trading
Trading Psychology Books | Written by Abell, Howard; Koppel, Robert |

Innergame Trading

Here's what they said about this excellent work:

The Innergame of Trading is excellent. In understandable language, it takes trading psychology to new levels with its focus on self-improvement nd the winner's state of mind. It clearly instructs how to think, what to do and when to do it." - Marshall J. Stein, Vice President, Rand Financial Services Governor, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

"This book provides a unique insight into the thought process involved in successful trading . Anyone considering trading or already involved in trading can benefit from reading this book."- Bruce Johnson, President, Packers Trading Company, Inc.

"The chapter concerning the psychological aspects of charting is the most insightful one I have studied? I wholeheartedly recommend this book to up-and -coming traders."-Jeff Silverman, Governor, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

" I'm trading more relaxed and anxiety-free than ever before. I can't thank you enough for what your program has meant to me."-Phil Flynn, Trader, Alaron Trading Corp.

"Extremely insightful. No other book available on the futures markets takes such an in-depth look into the psychological complexities of trading?I would recommend every trader read this book, regardless of experience."-Bruce Wisner, Trader, Global Investment Services

Table of Contents



I The Innergame

1 On the Nature of Becoming a successful Trader

2 The Power of Belief and Focus

3 Goal Setting and Motivation

4 The Edge That Makes the Difference

II The Modeling of Excellence

5 The Syntax of Successful trading

6 Winning States of Mind

7 Matching a Trading Style to Your Personality

III The Top Traders: Successful Trading Demonstrated through the prism of Real Trades

8 Motive and Motivation

9 Successful Trading

10 Words of Advice

11 Leo Melamed

12 John F. ( Jack) Sandner

3 Jeffrey L. Silverman

14 Bruce Johnson

IV The Psychology of Technical Analysis: A Random Walk Down a Crowded Lane

15 Trends and the Efficient Market Theory

16 Money Management

17 Classical Chart Analysis

V Winning Versus Losing

18 Principles of Successful Trading

19 Characteristics of Winning

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