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Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary: Reopening Boom, while Supplies Last

U.S. Review: Reopening Boom, while Supplies Last This week's economic data kicked off with a bang. The ISM Services Index jumped to 63.7, signaling...

The Weekly Bottom Line: A Few Dark Spots in Bright Economic Growth Prospects

U.S. Highlights U.S. equities jumped early this week and continued to move higher over the course of it despite the prospect of higher corporate...

Week Ahead: Lockdowns and “Re-Openings”, Big Data Dump, and Earnings Season Begins!

The talk last week was all about the expectation of an upcoming economic boom into the spring and over the summer months.  Although there...

Week Ahead: Fed’s Inflation Calm About to Get Tested

The Fed has clearly signaled they are not worried about inflation and that should worry financial markets. The Fed has repeated that inflation will...

Week Ahead – US and China Data Could Reinforce Optimism but RBNZ to Sound Caution

As the dollar recedes on some scepticism around the aggressive bets of an early Fed tightening, US inflation and retail sales numbers due in...

RBNZ Meeting Unlikely to Rattle the Kiwi

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) will wrap up its upcoming meeting at 02:00 GMT Wednesday. Economic data have lost some momentum lately...

Canadian Jobs Data Solid: USD/CAD

The BOC will take note of the strong employment print, as they are currently the frontrunner to taper monetary policy! The Canadian Employment Change for...

Forward Guidance: Bank of Canada Surveys to Show Improved Expectations Before Latest Rounds of Lockdowns

We look for the Bank of Canada’s business and consumer surveys on tap next week to show an improvement in sentiment as the survey...

Weekly Focus – Wait and See Mode for Central Banks

US yields have taken a step back this week causing a weaker USD. Some profit taking might also play a role for the USD...

Cliff Notes: Global Economy Faces a Long Road to a Full Recovery

Key insights from the week that was. In a week where top-tier domestic data was absent, the RBA’s April meeting was the focus for watchers...

Practical Tips for Those Who Want to Trade Safe on Forex

We can’t really speak of earning money on FOREX without understanding the risks. Foreign exchange market isn’t a safe battleground for beginners. Huge money...

Trade Bitcoin the Right Way

To say recent history has been an emotional roller-coaster for Bitcoin would be an understatement! The market opened 2017 at a price of $966.0 and...

How to Master Technical Analysis?

One of the best ways to forecast future price movements on the Forex market is to apply technical analysis. Using technical analysis, traders monitor...

Inside the Forex Market: Searching for Black Swans?

The term itself refers to an event which occurs well beyond the boundaries of what is typically expected and, therefore, represents a catastrophic surprise. The unexpected and random nature of black swan events makes them extremely difficult to predict. Given the difficult nature of anticipating these events, Taleb suggests it is important for people to always be aware that such dramatic events can happen and to focus on their risk management, protecting themselves.

Top Ten: Trading Risk & Psychology Reads

I want to kick this segment off with an introduction to what I consider my top ten Trading Books that aren't related to trading strategies or set ups, but focused specifically on risk and psychology, as the defining moment in my trading career was moving from part time gambler to full time student of risk and psychology.

What Snipers Can Teach You about Trading

A military sniper's edge is not only crucial, it's also extremely extensive! Determining distance, selecting camouflage, preparing a suitable location, making sure that the rifle is well-sighted, having the correct mindset and showing patience are just some of the components that help form a sniper's edge in the field. Without it, there could potentially be fatal consequences. Fortunately, for us civilians we don't have to deal with the stresses of conflict. What we can do from here, however, is apply some of these elements a sniper uses to form a complete trading edge. What we mean by 'complete' is simply an edge which has all the necessary components to achieve consistency in the market.

7 Hidden Biases and How They Hold Back Your Trading

Biases are like shortcuts for your brain. They can have an unusually large impact on how you make decisions in your everyday life, but particularly when it comes to your trading. To put it simply, your brain has a way of conserving energy by making fast decisions or mental shortcuts in what are known as heuristics.

Apply the Best Mindsets for Efficient and Enjoyable Trading

An optimal mindset is key to achieving efficient and enjoyable trades. With a volatile forex market, traders need a reliable mindset to manage all trading activities. By obtaining a strong and optimistic mental attitude, you can properly accomplish trades and vital tasks for success. Applying the right mindset allows a focused way of thinking that can minimize anxiety and reduce the chances of emotional trading. To have a healthy outlook towards the forex market, practice the best mindsets for optimal forex trading.

Three Price Chart Types That You Should Start Using

A price chart is probably the most important piece to the puzzle when it comes to trading the financial markets. While fundamentals drive the...

How to Identify Supply and Demand

Technical supply and demand is an approach based on price action. The general idea is to locate points on the chart where price has...

Forex Day Trading Strategies

What is Forex Day Trading? Forex day trading is trading in and out of a position, or positions within a single business day, a market...

Introducing: Forex Swing Trading

Swing trading simply describes a method of approaching the market where the trader is seeking to capture percentage moves in a currency pair, referred to as "swings". Trades taken in this manner are usually at a reduced position size to account for the large trade parameters and can last anywhere from a day to several weeks and are typically entered on the daily time frame and above though some traders so use the 4hr charts also.