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Range Trading Explained

Traders who are just beginning to get a handle on how the markets move, focus on the range pattern; one of the most popular price patterns in technical analysis. In a range, the price bounces from a lower horizontal line (support) and rebounds back down from an upper horizontal line (resistance). This creates a sideways or "trend-less" price movement, which is very appealing even for advanced traders, because when a trader looks at the range in hindsight or on paper, it looks like a very easy way to make money.

How to Use Retail Sentiment to Gain an Edge

If there's one overriding instrument that can help smart traders obtain a clear edge, it's the Sentiment Trader. Top tier brokers have been opening up their books for years now, plainly showing how their clients are positioned. This data was always readily available to brokers, but only in the past 8-10 years has it actually become "public information".

How to Use the ADX Indicator to Improve Your Trading?

The ADX or the Average Directional Index indicator is a handy tool that can help traders in a number of ways. For the most part, those who follow a trend trading strategy will discover that the ADX can be a useful addition. While traders often end up using two or more indicators that basically gives the same information making them redundant, the ADX indicator in fact compliments any other trend based indicators.

Identifying Trends: A Beginners’ Guide

In the early stages of trading, the identification of a trend emerges as a compass to the markets. We have all heard the phrases "the trend is your friend", "never go against the trend" and "trade with the trend". But, what is a trend and why is it so important? A trend is simply the prevailing direction of the market. It is the direction that future prices will most likely follow. So, the early identification of the trend is imperative in trading the financial markets. Whether it's going up, down or sideways, has to be determined before entering the market. Many trading systems have been developed with precise rules on when to open a trading position, exit a losing trade and of course lock potential profits. Trend identification is one of the cornerstones of successful trading

How To Trade Pullbacks With 5 Key Technical Tools

Trading forex can be both interesting and rewarding if one can spend the time learning how it really works. First you have to build a base or foundation. That includes developing a strategy that works for you, finding good money management techniques and training your mind to be disciplined in all facets of trading. Remember, at the end of the day you must muster up enough courage to pull the trigger for any strategies developed to work.