If you’re one of the many readers who did, you’re excused for forgetting about today’s Federal Reserve meeting. After all, the high political drama in Washington and London continues to draw plenty of headlines, it’s the first time we’ve seen an FOMC meeting conclude on a Thursday in three years, and the central bank was never going to make any changes to monetary policy at its final ever meeting without a press conference anyway.

That said, it’s always worth tuning in for the latest pronouncements from the world’s most important central bank…and according to the Fed, not much has changed since late September. In fact, the central bank left interest rates unchanged in the 2.00-2.25% range and changed just 24 words from September’s monetary policy statement, with only two noteworthy tweaks:

  • The unemployment rate has “declined” [from “stayed low” last month]
  • Growth of business fixed investment has “moderated from its rapid pace earlier in the year” [from “grown strongly” last month]

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