GBE brokers Ltd is a fully regulated European online-broker both for private and institutional traders focused on FX and CFD trading. Our ECN-trading-servers are located in Equinix LD4 Data center and are directly connected to our liquidity providers via fibre optic cable to provide worldwide best execution speed on a Metatrader 4 platform!

GBE brokers Ltd provides same account for: currency trading and trading in a wide range of CFD-products in the fields of indices, commodities and metals (gold, silver, platinum). You can easily use our trading platforms MetaTrader 4, Apple Macintosh MetaTrader 4 Version and our mobile applications on the basis of iOS and Android from home and away.

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GBE brokers Ltd is an European, fully regulated online broker for private and institutional traders with the product focus of foreign exchange- (FX) and CFD-trading. The goal of the company is to be the technology leader in the field of their product range, which is underlined by various measures and offers:

Server location

The trading server of GBE brokers Ltd is located in Equinix LD4 data center, which is used by all leading banks, liquidity providers and prime brokers in the FX industry. GBE brokers Ltd works with a direct, cross cable high-fiber connections to all liquidity providers to easily offer our customers the lowest execution speed (latency), which is physically possible.

Top tier liquidity

All clients are receiving through our trading platform best trading conditions and can benefit from our excellent relationships to the liquidity providers. GBE brokers Ltd provides tightest spreads in the forex trading market and an excellent depth to execute large orders without or less slippage. The “raw spread” Account Type shows the real one to one and in house aggregated spreads without any mark-ups or price and execution filters to take a leading role and represent the goal of price leadership.

Positive slippage

With GBE brokers Ltd exists and presents the uncovering slippage positive or negative, unfiltered to its customers. Slippage is a normal process in trading forex, which expresses the difference between the expected – displayed price to the executed price. This effect happens when the trader opens an order and the market is moving at the same time.

Are you a customer of GBE brokers Ltd, you can add the sum of positive and negative slippage of your running positions and you will receive a result close to zero. GBE brokers Ltd uses neither a “maximum slippage” function or another filter that passes no positive slippage. Guarantees a broker its customers no slippage, it is a market maker who acts against its customers.

Optimal server settings

The selected calibration and settings of the trading platforms have been chosen to provide the trader with the best trading conditions, which are possible with MetaTrader . For example, the settings for the placements of Stop Loss, Take Profit or Trailing Stop orders have been fixed on the lowest level given by the MetaTrader 4.

MetaTrader 4

The customers of GBE brokers Ltd are able to use the MetaTrader 4 which is the most popular trading platform in the world. Especially the use of Expert Advisors (EAs) – as semi or fully automatic trading systems – became the platform to the world beater. GBE brokers Ltd complemented his rank by an iOS version of MetaTrader 4, the mobile version of Android and iOS smartphones and its own version of the MetaTrader 5 (and their iOS version).

High flexibility and individual setups

For trading groups, Introducing Brokers and Money Managers. We will find an economical solution for all technically features. That’s our motto in dealing with our partners. Whether individual settings of spreads, compensation agreements or other ideas, please contact us and let us find together the perfect way.

Highest understanding of service

Whether in the allocation to a client advisor for the entire life cycle, a fast account opening procress or possible refunds, in case that the liquidity provider or GBE brokers Ltd have made a mistake, the understanding of service has the highest standards and this term for us.

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