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    Japan’s core CPI eases to 2.2% in Apr, marking second month of slowdown

    Japan’s CPI core, which excludes food, decelerated from 2.6% yoy to 2.2% yoy in April. This aligns with market expectations and marks the second consecutive month of decline from February’s 2.8%. Despite the slowdown, core inflation has remained at or above BoJ’s 2% target for the 25th straight month.

    CPI core-core, which strips out both food and energy costs, also showed signs of easing, slowing from 2.9% yoy to 2.4% yoy. This is the slowest pace of increase since September 2022. Meanwhile, headline CPI, which includes all items, fell from 2.7% yoy to 2.5% yoy.

    A closer look at the major components reveals varied trends. Food prices rose by 3.5% yoy, but this was a moderation from 4.6% yoy increase seen in March. The surge in accommodation fees, up 18.8% yoy, was driven by a revival in inbound tourism. Energy prices edged up slightly by 0.1% yoy, with increases in kerosene and gasoline prices leading the way. Service prices also showed a deceleration, rising by 1.7% yoy compared to 2.1% yoy increase in the previous month.



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