Live Comments Australia’s monthly CPI holds steady at 3.4% in Feb

    Australia’s monthly CPI holds steady at 3.4% in Feb

    Australia monthly CPI was unchanged at 3.4% yoy in February. When stripping out volatile items and holiday travel, the CPI saw a slight deceleration, moving from 4.1% yoy to 3.8% yoy. However, a closer look at the core inflation measure, the annual trimmed mean CPI, reveals a slight uptick from 3.8% yoy to 3.9% yoy, suggesting underlying inflationary pressures remain persistent.

    The detailed breakdown of inflation contributors highlights showed that housing costs had the most substantial rise at 4.6% yoy. Food and non-alcoholic beverages also experienced a notable increase at 3.6% yoy. Additionally, alcohol and tobacco products saw a sharp price escalation at 6.1% yoy, and insurance and financial services costs surged by 8.4% yoy, the latter being the highest among the recorded sectors.

    Full Australia monthly CPI release here.




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