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The Trader’s Guide to Macro Data

Macro economic data is the lifeblood of the Forex markets and whether you are a fundamental or technical trader, it's this data, the changes in sentiment and outlook among your trading peers that drive price action. Simply because FX is all about global macro at heart.

Including Fundamental Analysis In Your Trading

Do you remember the first time that you came across the financial markets, or more specifically, forex trading? Unless you had a keen interest in economics, it's highly likely that you were almost immediately drawn to technical analysis (T.A). Those attractively colourful indicators, pin-point accurate support/resistance lines and rumours of other technical traders trading for a living, is usually enough to lure the majority of newcomers into this category. There is, however, another technique used to analyse the markets: fundamental analysis (F.A).

How to Use Yearly, Monthly and Weekly Opening Points

We'd be surprised if the title did not raise a few eyebrows! Opening points? Well, we can tell you that we're not referring to pivot point levels. This is a common method. Just type 'Pivot points forex' into Google search, and you'll be inundated with information.

Forex Trader Checklist: Top 10 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Home Office

Setting up a proper trading station at home is easy and highly effective. It improves focus and optimizes personal efficiency much needed in forex trading. Whether you are a novice or an expert, your home office can easily affect your mindset and productivity during trade hours.

Five Ways to Earn Additional Income Trading Forex

Many people turn to forex trading in hopes of growing their account equity. This dream is made possible by the fact that with leverage and low deposit requirements, just about anyone with a disposable income can deposit funds and can start trading forex. .

Trading Sessions

While it is true that the forex market is open 24hrs a day five days a week, it doesn't mean that it's always active. Breaking down this 24hr auction house into manageable trading sessions is important. Knowing when liquidity is likely to come into the market and when it is expected to diminish, helps one determine the best time to trade.

A Brief Introduction to Forex Basics

If you are new to trading, the following definitions and examples will help you to get familiar with the rules and guidelines of the forex market. This short overview to enhance your existing knowledge.

The Trader’s Guide to Eurodollar

Quite simply, eurodollar (also known as EURUSD), is the exchange rate between the currencies of the world's two largest economies when measured by GDP - USA and the Eurozone. The Eurozone consists of the economies of 19 EU member states who have adopted the euro as their currency. These 19 member states have ceded control over monetary policy and interest rates to the European Central Bank. And as far as the currency is concerned at least they trade as one entity.

A Complete Guide to Fundamental Analysis in Forex

Fundamental analysis in forex is one of the ways to analyze the currency markets. As the name suggests, fundamental analysis is completely different to technical analysis. While technical analysis deals with price and historical price behavior, fundamental analysis focuses on the factors that are driving the prices in the market. Fundamental analysis is widely used in the stock markets and primarily among investors. But it can also be used in a number of other markets, including forex and futures.

What is Leverage and How Does it Work in the Forex Market?

Leverage essentially means having the ability to control a large sum of capital using very little of your own funds and borrowing the rest. When you buy a house on credit i.e. a mortgage, for example, you are actually trading with leverage. Say you put a 25% down payment of $50,000 on a house worth $200,000, you are effectively using leverage here!

A Basic Introduction to the Different Order Types Used in the Forex Market

Have you ever found yourself unsure of what order to use, or where tocorrectly position it? If you have, then this article will help inproviding a good foundation. It's surprising how often we find tradersthat do not understand even the most basic entry order techniques, yetthey feel they're ready to tackle the live market. Make sure that youfully understand and are COMFORTABLE with your broker's order systembefore stepping into a live trading environment.

How to Trade Forex for Beginners

With the improvement of technology in the late 20th century, the world of forex trading opened up to the internet. By 2004, forex had developed into a $1.9 trillion a day market. As of 2016, the daily volume surpassed $5 trillion a day! Gaining access to the markets is relatively easy. The creation of the Internet made it possible to trade currencies anywhere in the world with internet access, 24 hours a day five days a week.

Gold Trade Specifications Every Trader Must Know

While traders tend to focus more on trading strategies for gold, the trade specifications which are actually very important are often given least priority. In this article, learn about the trade specification requirements and details for trading gold at

Using Expert Advisors to Improve Your Trading

Traders may or may not agree that using an automated trading strategy will improve your trading results. But one cannot ignore the fact that an EA can be beneficial in the early stages of developing your trading strategy. In this article, we look at how using automation can help you to cut down on time while providing an objective analysis of your trading system.

What is Price Action in Forex Trading?

Looking at a candlestick, bar or a line chart for the very first time is both captivating yet confusing. The typical response we hear from newer traders is that it reminds them of a hospital's heart monitor. While this medical appliance is designed to monitor the fluctuations of a heart, the chart is there to record a security's price.

Inside the Forex Market: Fake News, Currency Wars & Corruption

Fake news has become one of the buzzwords of 2017, with almost weekly reports regarding politicians or political events, causing outrage due to their spurious nature. The growing importance of social media has exacerbated the problem with fake news reports spreading like wildfire and quickly garnering vast amounts of attention before they can be disputed and or corrected.

Inside The Forex Market: Famous Fat Finger Trades & Flash Crashes

Fat finger trades & flash crashes; these are terms that many of you might have heard on financial news channels or even seen plastered across headlines in newspapers, but do you really know what they mean?

Inside the Forex Market: Searching for Black Swans?

The term itself refers to an event which occurs well beyond the boundaries of what is typically expected and, therefore, represents a catastrophic surprise. The unexpected and random nature of black swan events makes them extremely difficult to predict. Given the difficult nature of anticipating these events, Taleb suggests it is important for people to always be aware that such dramatic events can happen and to focus on their risk management, protecting themselves.

What is Forex Trading?

There are some things that knock you for six when you hear them, and this is generally the case when one first encounters the foreign exchange markets, or 'forex' for short. Followed by the credit (debt) market (think US government bonds, notes and bills here), forex is the largest, most liquid market on the planet - an immense auction house which has a daily turnover of $5.1 trillion (according to the 2016 Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets). Forex is a globally decentralized marketplace, which simply means that there's no central exchange or physical location. It Operates around the clock five days a week, with the action beginning in Wellington, New Zealand and closing on Friday evening in New York, essentially allowing one to pick and choose when to trade.