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01 – How to Start Trading in 4 Easy Steps

1. Register with OctaFX by opening an account Having an account allows you to access your personal area on our website and to trade...

01 – How Does Forex Work?

How Does Forex Work? Forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another These two currencies make up what is...

01 – Fundamental Analysis Overview

As you have already read, Fundamental analysis is studying the economic fundamentals of a currency, country, or economy. Economic fundamentals really is a very...

00 – A Beginner’s Guide to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis refers to the study of past price action as a guide in forecasting future price movements. This involves looking at candlestick formations,...

00 – Trading Psychology 101

Now that you've studied the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as the importance of proper risk management techniques, it's about time...

01 – Welcome

Welcome to FxPro Trading Academy. If you're reading this you have decided to join one of the world's fastest growing online communities. Since the...
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Trading Safe Haven Assets

Where does money flow in times of financial stress and why? Safe haven assets are financial instruments or commodities that investors turn to in times...

What is Leverage and How Does it Work in the Forex Market?

Leverage essentially means having the ability to control a large sum of capital using very little of your own funds and borrowing the rest. When you buy a house on credit i.e. a mortgage, for example, you are actually trading with leverage. Say you put a 25% down payment of $50,000 on a house worth $200,000, you are effectively using leverage here!

Why Is Forex Trading Illegal in Some Countries?

Forex Financial Currency Exchange is the largest and most far-reaching market in the world, which gives many traders a chance to start a successful...

What’s Better, Forex or Stock Trading?

Many people often ask the question as to whether forex trading is better than stock trading or vice versa. The question is like comparing...

The Trader’s Guide to Macro Data

Macro economic data is the lifeblood of the Forex markets and whether you are a fundamental or technical trader, it's this data, the changes in sentiment and outlook among your trading peers that drive price action. Simply because FX is all about global macro at heart.

Is it Possible to Trade Part Time?

'But out of limitations comes creativity'. Debbie Allen. Every endeavour has its own set of difficulties, with trading being no different! Trading the markets, even if only on a part-time basis, is incredibly challenging, and will, despite what your favourite guru may claim, take time and require a great deal of dedication.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Enter A Trade

There are many different approaches to trading. From technical signals given by the indicators to the fundamentals that become the driving force in the asset or instrument. Put a few traders in a room and chances are that they will trade the same asset or instrument differently.

Get to Know the Positive Aspects of Being a Forex Trader

Life as a forex trader is exhilarating and rewarding. In an exciting market, expert traders have to be goal-oriented, mentally sharp and emotionally intelligent. To reach trading goals, successful forex traders need to acquire optimal knowledge and a focused mindset. On a constant basis, traders have to practice analysis, strategizing and diligence. Eventually, this provides a positive and proactive way of thinking that is beneficial for both personal life and career goals.

Thinking in Probabilities

Did you know that you do not have to be right each time you interact with the market? Heck, you don't even need to be correct 50% of the time to bank a profit in this business! Once one has mastered a setup with an edge, trading should, to a point, be no more than a repetitive chore. However, because of our natural tendency to always want to be correct, we make trading difficult.

A Brief Look at Trading Psychology

Why is psychology such an important aspect in trading? Well, if you're incapable of controlling your mind/thoughts whilst operating in the market, you stand very little chance of reaching consistency.

Trading the Gartley harmonic pattern

The harmonic domain is a bizarre, yet intriguing, phenomenon for most traders. While some dismiss the approach entirely, others are unable to trade without it. Despite...

How to Trade the Wedge Pattern Objectively?

Trading with chart patterns can be one of the simplest ways to find highly profitable trade setups. Despite the ease of trading with chart...

Rising and Falling Wedge Patterns

When talking about reversal patterns in Forex trading, few are more familiar or widely-known than rising and falling wedges. But why so? Well, wedge...

How To Trade Pullbacks With 5 Key Technical Tools

Trading forex can be both interesting and rewarding if one can spend the time learning how it really works. First you have to build a base or foundation. That includes developing a strategy that works for you, finding good money management techniques and training your mind to be disciplined in all facets of trading. Remember, at the end of the day you must muster up enough courage to pull the trigger for any strategies developed to work.

Understanding Risk:Reward For Real Success

Learn From The Best First entry into any new endeavour is fraught with challenges and in the pursuit of excellence, the experience is a priceless...