Wed, Jul 18, 2018 @ 04:32 GMT

Dollar Surges as Fed Powell Affirmed Policy Path, Sterling as Weak...

Dollar is staying firm in Asian session today after overnight rally. Markets received Fed Chair Jerome Powell's composed and balance testimony rather well. And...

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Inside the Forex Market: Searching for Black Swans?

The term itself refers to an event which occurs well beyond the boundaries of what is typically expected and, therefore, represents a catastrophic surprise. The unexpected and random nature of black swan events makes them extremely difficult to predict. Given the difficult nature of anticipating these events, Taleb suggests it is important for people to always be aware that such dramatic events can happen and to focus on their risk management, protecting themselves.

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How to Achieve Longevity in Forex Trading

Did you know most aspiring day traders quit within the first two years? And only a small group actually make it to their 3rd year of trading? Of course, this research is not exactly comforting, but the reasons for the lack of success of many traders may surprise you.

Ichimoku System: Trading with the Chikou Span Indicator

The Ichimoku trading indicator is well known for its capability of offering a complete trading system. This has been well documented, and trend following...