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What Is the GDP Report and How It Impacts Forex Markets

GDP or Gross Domestic Product represents the total monetary value of goods and services produced over a specified period of time in a country. In other words, GDP measures the overall productivity of a country's economy and is used to measure the level of growth and the economy's health in general.

Do You Want to be a Trader?

In this day and age, becoming an independent financial trader is easy. You just need some capital and a brokerage account, and voilà, you're a trader! The only problem is, trading the markets is not quite so straightforward!

Range Trading Explained

Traders who are just beginning to get a handle on how the markets move, focus on the range pattern; one of the most popular price patterns in technical analysis. In a range, the price bounces from a lower horizontal line (support) and rebounds back down from an upper horizontal line (resistance). This creates a sideways or "trend-less" price movement, which is very appealing even for advanced traders, because when a trader looks at the range in hindsight or on paper, it looks like a very easy way to make money.