Bitcoin’s volatility is at its lowest level, this increases the odds for the Bitcoin ETF to become a reality.

Bitcoin- a derivative which is known for its volatility has lost this crown. The 10-day historical volatility for cryptocurrency king is below the S&P500 and NASDAQ indices.

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This may be just enough for all of those who always criticised bitcoin not satisfying the definition of money. We also think that the lower Bitcoin volatility also improves the chances of Bitcoin ETF being approved by the SEC. Of course, it has been a long time that we have been craving for this ETF to hit the market, because it would not only improve the liquidity in the market, but it also stamps the fact that the regulators are on board with the use of the digital currency.

Remember, the only reason that we have seen the Bitcoin price dropped so low is due to the global regulatory pressure. If the SEC improves its stance towards the cryptocurrency, it would be a huge signal of confidence and it then it would be only a matter of time that we will start to see a more softer stance from other regulators.


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