The Gold has been in a strong uptrend. After a dovish FOMC statement, we might see a save haven flight into Gold, so new highs are possible.

The Federal Reserve left its benchmark short-term interest rate unchanged, but FED Chairman Mr. Jerome Powell noted that the U.S. economic outlook is increasingly uncertain, citing trade tensions and slowing global growth. Almost half of the members of the Fed’s rate-setting body see a possible rate cut this year, making the FOMC statement a bit dovish. IMO, FED needs to cut the rates due to too much U.S. debt.

1.1360-62 is the first POC zone where we might see fresh buyers. In case of a deeper retracement, 1.1343-45 zone is also valid. As W H5 and D H5 have already been broken, strong bullish momentum should target 1400 and eventually 1413, next Daily resistance.

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The Wave Analysis it for today the most flexible, powerful and perspective tool which allows to predict tendencies which lead to certain changes on financial charts on all time pieces. One of properties of this tool is its insufficient formalisation, proceeding from it the opinion of the author of the forecast made on the basis of the Wave Analysis always is subjective. As the Wave Structure constantly varies, the forecast on the basis of the Wave Analysis reflects opinion of the author at the moment of the forecast publication. The Wave Analysis is not trading system. It not the generator of signals on the conclusion or an exit 1from the transaction, therefore the schematical direction of movement of the price put on the chart should not be for the trader the guide to action on opening of positions. In case of formation in the market of conditions which, according to the author it is possible to use for drawing up of the trading plan - on a chart levels of acknowledgement of the chosen scenario, optimum areas of an input and levels of cancellation of the chosen scenario will be specified in addition.


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