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Crude Oil Grew Confidently

The commodity market efficiently reflected the improvement of the general situation. A Brent barrel on Monday is stabilising near 97.60 USD.

The main trigger for buying became an unexpected improvement in the forecasts on the global recession, which is a positive factor for the crude oil sector; also, there is a possibility that China will give up the zero tolerance regime in fighting with the coronavirus.

If these forecasts come true somehow, the commodity market will get serious support.

However, there are too few real reasons for softening the quarantine measures in China, and this understanding make commodity markets correct on Monday.

On H4, Brent has completed a wave of growth to 100.00. Today the market is forming a consolidation range under this level. Next, we expect a link of correction to 96.00. After it is over, a new wave of growth to 104.30 should start. The goal is local. Technically, this scenario is confirmed by the MACD. Its signal line is above zero in the histogram area, aimed strictly upwards.

On H1, Brent has formed a consolidation range around 96.50. With an escape upwards, the market has reached the goal of 100.00. This whole wave of growth is interpreted as the third one by the trend. Then we expect a link of correcting decline to 96.50. When this correction is over, another wave of growth to 100.00 should start. And when this level is broken away, a pathway for growth to 104.30 will open. Technically, this scenario is confirmed by the Stochastic oscillator. Its signal line is under 50. Further decline to 20 is expected.

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