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Eurozone PPI at -1.6%mom, 5.9% yoy in Mar

Eurozone PPI came in at -1.6% mom, 5.9% yoy in March, versus expectation of -1.4% mom, 5.9% yoy. For the month, industrial producer prices decreased by -4.8% in energy sector and by -0.4% for intermediate goods, while prices increased by 0.2% for capital goods, by 0.3% for durable consumer goods and by 0.9% for non-durable consumer goods. Prices in total industry excluding energy increased by 0.2%.

EU PPI came in at -1.5% mom, 7.0% yoy. The largest monthly decreases in industrial producer prices were recorded in Greece (-7.3%), Ireland (-4.6%) and Lithuania (-4.0%), while the highest increases were observed in Cyprus (+2.4%), France (+2.0%) and Croatia (+0.5%).

Full Eurozone PPI release here.

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