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TrendTrader Plus

Market Entry Tools Right On Time

The most effective and user-friendly trading approach and related set of tools available anywhere for identifying a strongly trending Forex market, and timing entry points in the direction of trend with high precision and low risk.

  • Do you wish to cut down on the amount of time and effort it takes to finding tradable opportunities?
  • Are you having trouble figuring out when Forex markets are moving with sufficient clarity?
  • Do you wish for a more efficient way of scanning for low-risk entry opportunities?
  • Are you looking for more objective exit strategies?

TrendTrader Plus is a robust trading methodology designed to help you identify and exploit strongly trending Forex markets. (Having said that, the methodology is easily adaptable to virtually any highly liquid markets including futures, indexes, stocks, etc). Our set of tools and techniques provides a real-time, automated market screener facility which quickly and efficiently directs your attention only to those pairs (from amongst a screener portfolio of 27) which may be trending strongly. That feature allows you to bypass markets that may not be trending, saving you much potentially wasted time and effort.

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TrendTrader Plus also comprises a clear, rules-driven methodology for indentifying corrective dips against the uptrend or corrective rallies against the downtrend, and for identifying the specific junctures where it is expected that the market returns to trend with a so-called Momentum Push. Our trading toolkit generates signals that specifically tell you when to consider entering the trade when the top-down reading is in agreement, from Daily all the way down to 5m. The twin rationales for doing so are to time entry points well with limited risk, and to exploit markets that can be expected to generate runs of sufficient size so as to enable high Reward/Risk multiples, a critical determinant of long-term trading system Net Profitability.

It all begins with a proprietary, logic-based indicator (called “TTHisto“, which is short for Trend Trader Histogram) that was developed over a two year period to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. TTHisto is totally unique and you cannot find it anywhere else, as it was developed exclusively for Forexmentor. It continuously applies five different logical tests for trend, resulting in only one of three possible readings: Up, Down or Neutral. The indicator combines in certain ways between the Daily and 4hr charts to provide a so-called “anchor” trend reading: Either UP for a long-only bias, DOWN for a short-only bias, or NEUTRAL which means no actionable trading bias. Our methodology specifies that we only trade in the direction of an Up or Down anchor trend reading, never against, nor on a Neutral reading.

From there, we drill down to three specific intraday timeframes (60m, 15m and 5m) looking for an instance of a “PRE” screen momentum reading, which may indicate corrective action on the timeframe on which a counter-trend TTHisto reading is found (i.e. in opposition to an Up or Down anchor reading). We then prepare for trade entry on either the first 5m or 15m candle close which results in a so-called “POST” screen momentum reading after the retracement is done, which is when all five of the “core” timeframes we use to structure a trade (Daily, 4hr, 60m, 15m, 5m) align in the same direction. In our experience, having the same TTHisto reading appearing concurrently on multiple timeframes top-down is the strongest indication of a trending market that is possible to attain by any means whatever, whether indicator-based or otherwise.

The trade entry overview provided in the preceding paragraph pertains to one of two methods prescribed in our six-part Foundation Course, which we refer to as a “Type 1” trade entry. We also specify an alternate methodology for entering the trade specifically by way of a Limit Entry order as price tests an identifiable Support or Resistance level in conjunction with a PRE screen result. We refer to this as a “Type 2” entry, and it is ideal for those who prefer to try to get into the trade as close to a corrective top or bottom as is possible.

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