Japan Cabinet Office presented new economic projections at the Council on Economic Fiscal Policy today.

For current fiscal 2018, the economy is projected to grow 1.5% in real term. That’s a downgrade from prior projection of 1.8%, down at the start of the year. In nominal terms, the economy is projected to grow 1.7%, sharply lower from prior forecast of 2.5%, due partly to slowdown in property investment.

The office forecasts the economy to grow 1.5% in the fiscal-2019, in price adjusted real terms. That’s after adjustment to the planned sales tax hike in October 2019. In nominal term, GDP is projected to grow 2.8%.

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For the current fiscal 2018, overall CPI is projected to be at 1.1%, unchanged from prior estimate. Overall price CPI is forecast to rise 1.5% in fiscal 2019. With adjustment on the sales tax hike, overall CPI is projected to slow to 1.0%.


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