German ZEW Economic Sentiment rose sharply to 26.7 in January, up from 10.7, beat expectation of 15.2. That’s also the highest reading since July 2015. Current Situation Index rose to -9.5, up from -19.9, beat expectation of -12.4. Eurozone ZEW Economic Sentiment rose to 25.6, up from 11.2, beat expectation of 16.3. Current Situation Index rose 4.8 pts to -9.9.

“The continued strong increase of the ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment is mainly due to the recent settlement of the trade dispute between the USA and China. This gives rise to the hope that the trade dispute’s negative effects on the German economy will be less pronounced than previously thought. In addition, the German economy developed slightly better than expected in the previous year. Although the outlook has improved, growth is still expected to remain below average.,” comments ZEW President Achim Wambach.

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Full release here.


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