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Eurozone PMI composite reached 16-yr high, recovery stepped up a gear, but inflationary pressures ratcheted higher

Eurozone PMI Services was finalized at 58.3 in June, up from May’s 55.2. PMI Composite was finalized at 59.5, up from May’s 57.1. That’s also the highest level in 15 years since June 2006. Looking at some member states, Ireland PMI composite dipped to 2 month low at 63.4. Spain hit 256-month high at 62.4. Germany hit 123-month high at 60.1. Italy reached 41-month high at 58.3. France also reached 41-month high at 57.4.

Chris Williamson, Chief Business Economist at IHS Markit said: “Europe’s economic recovery stepped up a gear in June, but inflationary pressures have also ratcheted higher… A wave of optimism that the worst of the pandemic is behind us has meanwhile propelled firms’ expectations of growth to the highest for 21 years, boding well for the upturn to gain further strength in coming months.

“Firms are increasingly struggling to meet surging demand, however, in part due to labour supply shortages, meaning greater pricing power and underscoring how the recent rise in inflationary pressures is by no means confined to the manufacturing sector. Service sector companies are hiking their prices at the steepest pace for over 20 years as costs spike higher, accompanying a similar jump in manufacturing prices to signal a broad-based increase in inflationary pressures.”

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