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BoJ: Necessary to continue with current powerful monetary easing

In the Summary of Opinions of the April 27-28 meeting, BoJ noted that “as Japan is a commodity importer, the rise in commodity prices leads to an outflow of income from Japan and thus exerts downward pressure on the economy.” And, “it is necessary for the Bank to continue with the current powerful monetary easing and thereby firmly support the economy”

One opinion noted that “one reason for the yen’s recent depreciation is that economic conditions in Japan have been different from those in the United States and Europe, and it is not appropriate that the Bank change its policy with the aim of controlling foreign exchange rates.”

“With a view to clarifying the Bank’s stance to date of not accepting the long-term interest rate exceeding 0.25 percent and to avoiding a situation where daily operations are unnecessarily factored in by the market, it is appropriate for the Bank to announce in advance that it will conduct fixed-rate purchase operations at 0.25 percent every business day, unless it is highly likely that no bids will be submitted. ”

Full Summary of Opinions here.

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