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Fed officials highlight the need for further action to tame inflation

Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic, Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan, and Fed Governor Michelle Bowman have all expressed concerns over the persistently high inflation rate.

Bostic, speaking on CNBC, said that “one more move should be enough for us to then take a step back and see how our policy is flowing through the economy, to understand the extent to which inflation is returning back to our target.” He acknowledged that inflation has been much too high, with Fed having raised interest rates by 4.5 percentage points over the past year in an attempt to bring the economy into better balance.

Lorie Logan emphasized the need for sustained improvement in inflation statistics, an economy evolving as forecast, and a change in the factors underlying inflation, such as the hot labor market and imbalance in supply and demand. She reiterated the concern, stating, “As you surely know, inflation has been much too high.”

Bowman also highlighted the importance of the Fed’s focus on lowering inflation. She said, “Lately, as you know, the Fed has been focused on lowering inflation, which is essential if we want to support a growing economy and rising incomes.” Bowman added, “We clearly need to continue to work to bring inflation down.”

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