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BoJ minutes: Few members saw positive signs towards price target

Minutes of BoJ’s meeting on March 9 and 10 show a continued commitment to monetary easing, with the aim of achieving price stability in a sustainable and stable manner, accompanied by wage increases. Neverthelesse, a few members noted emerging “positive signs” toward reaching the price stability target, indicating a changing price environment.

With respect to yield curve control, some members emphasized the need to examine the effects of various implemented measures aimed at improving market functioning. They acknowledged that JGB yield curve appeared smoother than before. One member explained that if observed CPI inflation declined and market projections of interest rates calmed down, distortions in the yield curve would likely be corrected.

In terms of the 2% price stability target, several members underscored the importance of maintaining its commitment. One member added that the central bank should anchor inflation expectations to 2% by committing to achieve the target.

Meanwhile, another member expressed concern that discussing the target might lead to “unnecessary speculation” on monetary policy conduct, especially given the growing possibility of achieving the price stability target. This member also argued against revising the joint statement of the government and BoJ.

Full minutes of BoJ March meeting here.

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