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US CPI awaited, NASDAQ heading lower to 55 D EMA

Markets await key US consumer inflation data scheduled for release today, with projections centered on a 0.2% mom uptick for both headline and core CPI. On a yoy basis, headline CPI is anticipated to climb from 3.0% to 3.3%, while core CPI is projected to remain steady at 4.8%.

This anticipated rise in headline inflation, marking the first surge in over a year, can be attributed to unfavorable base effects and a moderate uptick in gas prices. Thus, this shouldn’t particularly alarm Fed officials.

If the inflation figures align with expectations, the 0.2% monthly increase in both core CPI would be largely consistent with Fed’s 2% inflation target. Such a scenario would strengthen the case for Fed to pause again in its September meeting, adopting a wait-and-see approach.

Following broad decline in US stocks, NASDAQ closed down -1.17% overnight. Current development suggests that a short term top at least formed at 14446.55. Deeper decline is expected to 55 D EMA (now at 13600.45).

The grappling question is whether rise from 10088.82, as the second wave of the medium term corrective pattern from 16212.22, has run off its course. It just missed target of 161.8% projection of 10088.82 to 12269.55 from 10982.80 at 14511.22.

Robust support from 55 D EMA would maintain near term bearishness for another rise through 14446.55 at a later stage. However, sustained break of this EMA would raise the chance of a bearish reversal. That is, the third leg of the medium term pattern has already started. NASDAQ would then test the second line of defense at 38.2% retracement of 10088.82 to 14446.55 at 12781.89 to determine its fate.

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