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FOMC minutes indicate cautious approach and possible softening in hawkish stance

A key takeaway from FOMC minutes from October 31-November 1 meeting is the consensus on proceeding with caution, as indicated by the unanimous agreement that “the Committee was in a position to proceed carefully.”

The minutes also emphasized Fed’s readiness to implement further tightening measures if the progress toward its inflation target is deemed insufficient. This stance is aligned with Fed’s ongoing commitment to combatting inflation, as reflected in the sentiment that “further tightening of monetary policy would be appropriate if incoming information indicated that progress toward the Committee’s inflation objective was insufficient.”

The committee members were also unanimous in their view that restrictive policy stance should be maintained until inflation shows a sustainable decline towards Fed’s target. This highlights Fed’s focus on ensuring that inflationary pressures are adequately managed before considering any policy easing.

However, a notable shift in the committee’s outlook was observed in the latest minutes. The previous stance, which suggested that “one more increase in the target federal funds rate at a future meeting would likely be appropriate,” was conspicuously absent in the latest document. This omission may signal a slight softening in the FOMC’s hawkish stance, indicating a potential pivot in future policy decisions.

Full FOMC minutes here.

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