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BoJ’s Takata urges policy shift, time to exit ultra-accommodative stance

In a significant speech today, BoJ board member Hajime Takata emphasized the need for a “nimble and flexible response” to the nation’s monetary policy strategy, and called for the moves away from the current “extremely accommodative monetary policy”.

He outlined several measures for consideration, including exiting yield curve control, moving away from negative interest rates, and revising the BoJ’s commitment to expanding its monetary base until inflation consistently exceeds the 2% target.

Takata’s remarks come at a time when Japan appears to be on the cusp of meeting its long-sought-after inflation target of 2%. He noted, “While there are some economic uncertainties, I feel that we’re finally seeing prospects for achieving our 2% inflation target.”

Furthermore, Takata highlighted the positive momentum in spring wage negotiations, with many companies proposing wage hikes surpassing those of 2023. This trend towards higher wages, coupled with the corporate sector’s growing resilience to yield increases upon the exit of current monetary policies, underscores a strengthening economic foundation.


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