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BoJ meeting summary indicates hawkish shift

Summary of Opinions from BoJ’s April meeting revealed a notable hawkish tilt among its board members, with significant dialogue concerning further rate hikes. This development reflects a growing concern over inflationary pressures and the impact of a weaker yen, which could hasten monetary policy normalization.

One board member highlighted that if the economic activity and price forecasts from April are realized, future policy interest rates might be “higher than the path that is factored in by the market.”

Further discussions emphasized the necessity of managing transitions carefully to mitigate shocks from sudden and substantial policy changes once price stability target is achieved. One approach proposed involves “moderate policy interest rate hikes”.

Another critical point raised was the impact of a weakening yen on inflation. A board member warned that if underlying inflation continues to rise above the baseline scenario due to the currency’s depreciation, “it is quite possible that the pace of monetary policy normalization will increase”.

Full BoJ Summary of Opinions here.

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