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Japan PM Abe’s troubles getting worse

While Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting Trump in the US, his domestic political turmoil continues to spiral out of control. A top finance bureaucrat, Administrative Vice Finance Minister Junichi Fukuda resigned today after alleged sexual harassment. Abe and his cabinet’s ratings have plunged recently on scandals. And the news certainly doesn’t give him any help.

It doesn’t look like Abe’s trip to the US would achieve anything fruitful, from both political and economics point of views. As the leader and top US ally in East Asia, Japan seems to be by passed by Trump regarding Korean Peninsula issue. And that already triggered some doubt on Abe’s diplomatic credibility. And, just as they’re meeting in Florida, Trump tweeted today:

If further confirms that Japan has no involvement in the issue.

And regarding TPP, which Japan has been leading after Trump’s withdrawal last year, Trump also poured cold water on rejoining.

It’s the seventh meeting between Abe and Trump since the latter’s election victory. And it look like quantity has nothing to do with quality. It’s time for Abe and his LDP to rethink their stance and position in global politics.

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