Thu, Dec 08, 2022 @ 05:19 GMT

EUR/GBP Weekly Outlook

EUR/GBP’s late breach of 0.8689 minor support argues that recovery from 0.8570 has completed at 0.8827. Initial bias is now on the downside this week for retesting 0.8570 support first. Firm break there will resume whole decline from 0.9267. On the upside, above 0.8827 will resume the rebound from 0.8570 and flip bias back to the upside instead.

In the bigger picture, current development suggests that fall from 0.9267 is a down leg inside long term range pattern. Deeper fall could be seen towards 0.8201/8338 support zone. But strong support should be seen there to bring reversal. Nevertheless, firm break of 0.8869 resistance will turn favor to the case that such decline is merely a correction in the up trend from 0.8201. That is, further rally would be seen at a later stage through 0.9267.

In the long term picture, long term range pattern is extending. But rise from 0.6935 (2015 low) is expected to extend at a later stage, to 0.9799 (2009 high).

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