Mon, Jun 05, 2023 @ 16:44 GMT

EUR/GBP Weekly Outlook

EUR/GBP reversed after hitting 0.8874 and fell sharply since then. Initial bias is now mildly on the downside this week for retesting 0.8717 support. Decisive break there will resume whole choppy decline from 0.8977. On the upside, break of 0.8874 will resume the rebound from 0.8717 instead.

In the bigger picture, outlook remains rather mixed for now, except that price actions from 0.9267 (2022 high) are part of the long term range pattern from 0.9499 (2020 high). With 0.8720 support intact, rise from 0.8545 is in favor to continue through 0.8977. However, firm break of 0.8720 will argue that such rebound has completed, and open up deeper fall through this support level.

In the long term picture, long term range pattern is extending. But rise from 0.6935 (2015 low) is expected to extend at a later stage, to 0.9799 (2009 high).

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