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XAUUSD: Will Gold Continue to Rally?

Last week I gave a trade idea on XAUUSD with a target around the $2,020 price line. At the time of writing, XAUUSD already exceeded the target and I’m sure that would leave a lot of people wondering what to expect next. Below, I have presented my view of how I expect the price action to turn out in the meantime.

XAUUSD – D1 Timeframe

On the daily timeframe, we see that price has reached the target area, whilst approaching the 50% mark of the Fibonacci retracement tool. The lingering question at this moment seems to be whether or not the bullish pressure will continue. In my opinion, I expect to see a short decline in bullish pressures, which should give the price action enough room to regain its momentum.

XAUUSD – H4 Timeframe

On the 4-hour timeframe of XAUUSD, price has reached a minor rally-base-drop supply zone, and is expected to bounce off in reaction to the bearish pressure from that zone. However, I perceive this to be simply a retracement move, which is why I have drawn the Fibonacci retracement tool in a bid to show the expected area for the bullish continuation.

Analyst’s Expectations:

  • Direction: Bullish
  • Target: $2046.27
  • Invalidation: $1983.61


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