A latest poll showed that UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s current Brexit plan is rejected by the British, in rather overwhelming way. The poll was conducted by YouGov for the Sunday Times between July 19-20. It showed that in case of a new referendum, only 11% would support the so-called “the Chequers deal”. 38% would vote for a “no-deal Brexit”. And 50% would vote for remaining in the EU. Giving a second preference, 54% would vote for “remain” while 46% will vote for a “no-deal Brexit”.

May tried to defend the plan and said “this is a principled and practical Brexit that is in the mutual interests of the UK and EU, but it will require pragmatism from both sides.” But as the Sunday Times commented, “the problem for May is that the Chequers plan is viewed as too favourable to Britain by the EU, too unfavourable to Britain by the Brexiteers and unworkable by both.”

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