IMF said in a report that while Japanese economy continues to “grow above potential”, downside risks have increased. It urged that “reinvigorated policies are needed to reflate the economy, boost potential growth, and put public debt on a sustainable path.” And, coordinated effort should include (i) a well-specified medium-term fiscal framework; (ii) an ambitious effort toward labor, product market, and corporate reforms; and (iii) a continued accommodative monetary policy accompanied by clear forward guidance.

On monetary policy, IMF hailed that “BoJ’s recent emphasis on making the accommodative stance more sustainable is appropriate, and complements its shift to a more patient approach to reaching the inflation target.” However, IMF suggested that “the relationship between the forward guidance on the long-term interest rate target and the inflation target could be clarified and the quantitative guidance on JGB purchases could be removed.” Also, it suggested BoJ to publish staff baseline forecasts together with underlying policy assumptions to strengthen market communications.

On trade, IMF emphasized that “Continued advancement of multilateralism and bolder domestic policies are needed to mitigate inward spillovers, including from potential trade-war escalation.” Though, Japan’s leadership in furthering multilateralism can help mitigate the possible effects of trade-war escalation.

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Full report here.


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