Entering into US session, Sterling is once again the weakest one for today as Brexit uncertainty continues. But still, the Pound is holding above near term support levels against Dollar, Euro and Yen. And thus, it’s just experience volatility in tight range. After rejecting all four alternatives in the Commons, there remains no majority on the way forward regarding Brexit. And it’s reported that Conservative MP Oliver Letwin might be a abandoning attempts to use indicative votes to find a consensus.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May is maintaining the firm opposition to second referendum and a long Article 50 extension. The Financial Times even reported that May would rather go for a no-deal Brexit than revocation. It’s also reported that May is still considering to bring back her deal for a fourth vote. But Speaker John Bercow is said to reject it. After all, it seems no one knows what’s next.

Staying in the currency markets, New Zealand Dollar is currently the second weakest, followed by Australian Dollar. Aussie dropped notably earlier today after RBA loosen up its monetary policy stance and hinted the next move is data-dependent. But there is no follow through selling yet. Meanwhile, Dollar and Yen are the strongest ones for today

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In Europe, currently:

  • FTSE is up 1.08%.
  • DAX is up 0.64%.
  • CAC is up 0.50%.
  • German 10-year yield is down -0.011 at -0.036.

Earlier in Asia:

  • Nikkei closed down -0.03%.
  • Hong Kong HSI rose 0.21%.
  • China Shanghai SSE rose 0.20%.
  • Singapore Strait Times rose 0.90%.
  • Japan 10-year JGB yield is up 0.0101 at -0.068.


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