According to pre-released extract of a speech on Tuesday, UK Chancellor of Exchequer Philip Hammond is set to criticize that advocating for “no deal” Brexit is to “hijack” the result of the Brexit referendum held nearly three years ago.

Hammond will said there are some “on the populist right” who claim that only leaving without a deal is a “truly legitimate Brexit”. However, “the 2016 Leave campaign was clear that we would leave with a deal”. Thus, “to advocate for ‘no deal’ is to hijack the result of the referendum, and in doing so, knowingly to inflict damage on our economy and our living standards. Because all the preparation in the world will not avoid the consequences of no deal.”

Hammond will also warned that “there is a real risk of a new Prime Minister abandoning the search for a deal, and shifting towards seeking a damaging no-deal exit as a matter of policy … in order to protect an ideological position which ignores the reality of Britain’s economic interests and the value of our Union.”

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