US Trade Representative office said yesterday that deputy level US-China trade talks will start in Washington this Thursday. That would pave the way for high-level talks in October. There is no details regarding the upcoming deputy-level talks for now.

Separately, US Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Tom Donohue said USTR Robert Lighthizer indicated he was seeking a “real agreement” on intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer issues. Also, Donohue also said Lighthizer “did indicate that there was some movement in the direction of purchasing of agricultural products and other issues”.

Donohue also said, “I don’t think you’re going to see the tariffs going away and people feeling we’ve made a great accomplishment until we have a real agreement. “A real agreement, in my opinion, will not be buying more crops and doing the small things that would be good to set the stage for us to have more substantive conversations.”

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