According to China’s National Health Commission, on January 4, total number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose 3887 to 24324. Death tolls rose 65 to 490. Serious cases rose 431 to 3219. Suspected cases rose 46 to 23260. Number of people tracked rose from 31139 to 252154.

US White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted in a Fox Business interview that Chinese purchase of American goods would be delayed due to the corona virus outbreak. He said, “it is true the trade deal, the Phase 1 trade deal, the export boom from that trade deal will take longer because of the Chinese virus.”

The US-China Economic and Security Review commission also noted, “the ongoing spread of the coronavirus is taking a toll on China’s public health and economy, and may impact its ability and willingness to meet the commitments in the Phase 1 deal.”

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