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EU Hogan pledged to act decisively and strongly if US doesn’t want to settle airbus dispute

EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan told European Parliament’s that the US had twice rejected EU’s proposal to settle the 15-year old dispute regarding Airbus subsidies. He added that the commission will take decisive actions against the US.

He said, “I want to reassure people that we are ready to act decisively and strongly on the European Union side if we don’t get the type of outcome that we expect from the United States in relationship to finalizing this 15-year-old dispute.”

“It’s not appreciated the number of 232 investigations that have been launched in recent weeks, perhaps this is political, perhaps it’s more real,” Hogan added. “This is totally unacceptable … and if these investigations go further the European Union will have to stand together and act as well.”

Separately, he also told RTE that “I still believe there will be a deal” with the UK on post Brexit relationship. “The ambition of that deal on the European Union side is real.” However, “I don’t see the same ambition at the moment on the UK’s side so, the ball is in the UK’s court, if they want a deal, there is a deal to be done.

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