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Asia rebounds on Trump’s health improvement, HSI capped by resistance

Major Asian markets open higher today on optimism regarding US President Donald Trump’s health condition. His doctors indicated that the coronavirus symptoms are resolving and improving. Trump could be discharged from hospital as soon as on Monday. Separately, Trump also left the hospital on Sunday evening and waved to his supports in a motorcade.

Hong Kong HSI is currently up 370 pts or 1.6% at the time of writing. But it still kept below 24167.78 support turned resistance. Another fall remains mildly in favor for retesting 21139.26 low. However, sustained break of 24167.78 will suggests completion of the pull back from 26782.61. In this case, the corrective rebound from 21139.26 should extend with another rising leg through 26782.61 in the near term.

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