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US 10-year yield extending rally ahead of CPI

US consumer inflation data will catch all attention today. Headline CPI is expected to decline -0.1% mom in August, with annual rate slowed from 8.5% yoy to 8.1% yoy. On the other hand, core CPI is expected rise 0.3% mom, with annual rate accelerated from 5.9% yoy to 6.0% yoy.

Today’s data is unlikely to alter Fed’s decision on on September 21, where markets are pricing in 88% chance of another 75bps hike. While inflation is starting to slow, the decline in energy prices could free up some money for consumer to spend, which supports the economy. Fed’s tightening will continue and there is a consensus that interest rate would reach 4% level by early next year.

Regarding market reaction to the data, some attention will be on 10-year yield, which rose 0.041 to 3.362 overnight. Current rise form 2.525 is expected to continue as long as 3.176 support holds, to retest 3.483 high. Such development should give Yen crosses a lift in general. But the next big move would depend more on whether 3.483 could be taken out decisively, at a later stage.

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