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ECB Lane reasonably confidence EZ close to peak inflation

ECB Chief Economist Philip Lane said in an interview, “I would be reasonably confident in saying that it is likely we are close to peak inflation”. But it’s still uncertain whether inflation has peaked or it will arrive at the start of 2023. He didn’t rule out some extra inflation early next year. But, “once we are past the initial months of 2023, later on in 2023 – in the spring or summer – we should see a sizeable drop in the inflation rate.” Still, the journey back to 2% will “take time”.

“We need to recognise that the interest rate decisions we have already made will help to reduce the inflation rate next year and the year after that,” he said. “We do expect that more rate increases will be necessary, but a lot has been done already, so we will have to ensure we have a good understanding of the inflation outlook, and the risk factors when setting the interest rate on a meeting-by-meeting basis.”

Lane also said, “QT should essentially be a background programme”. That is, policymakers will ensure QT makes its contribution to policy normalization in “a way that reinforces the primary instrument, which is setting rates”.

Full interview here.

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