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BoJ Uchida: Monetary easing to continue to nurture firms’ changing pricing strategies

BoJ Deputy Governor Shinichi Uchida highlighted in a speech today an emerging trend in firms’ pricing strategies, noting that “firms are developing more forward-looking strategies for setting prices.” According to Uchida, these changes “might be the chance to finally change Japan’s economy.” Hence, he emphasized BoJ will “patiently continue with monetary easing to carefully nurture these signs.”

Uchida was explicit in outlining the Bank’s monetary policy stances. Firstly, he ruled out near-term adjustments to short-term interest rate, currently at -0.10%, stating “there is still a long way to go before such decisions are made.”

Secondly, BoJ will “maintain the current framework” until sustainable and stable achievement of 2% inflation target “come in sight”.

Thirdly, Uchida affirmed the ongoing yield curve control under the present policy framework, aiming to balance its benefits and drawbacks, especially in relation to financial intermediation and the market.

Despite the high economic and price outlook uncertainty, Uchida stated the recent yield curve control modification, allowing the 10-year JGB yield to rise to up to 1%, is aimed at sustaining the ultra-loose policy. “Needless to say, we do not have an exit from monetary easing in mind,” he emphasized.

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