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Eurozone economic sentiment deteriorates across the board

Eurozone Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) witnessed a drop from 194.5 to 93.3 in August, casting a dark shadow over the economic outlook of the bloc. Nearly all sectoral confidence indicators fell, with industry confidence sliding from -9.3 to -10.3, services from 5.4 to 3.9, retail trade from -4.5 to -5.0, and construction from -3.6 to -5.2. Employment Expectations Indicator (EEI) also showed a decline from 103.4 to 102.1, while the Economic Uncertainty Indicator (EUI) dipped from 21.3 to 20.0.

Similarly, EU-wide ESI fell modestly from 93.5 to 92.9, and its EEI from 102.7 to 101.7. EUI also registered a decline from 20.7 to 19.7. Breaking down the ESI numbers by individual countries, sentiment deteriorated in France -by 2.5 points, in Germany by -2.4 points, and in Italy by -1.1 points. Conversely, sentiment improved in Spain by 1.5 points and in Poland by 1.2 points, while the sentiment in the Netherlands remained almost unchanged, up by just 0.2 points.

Full Eurozone ESI release here.

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