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BoE stands pat, three hawks vote for another hike

BoE kept Bank Rate unchanged at 5.25%, aligning with market expectations. The decision was not unanimous, with a 6-3 vote where Megan Greene, Jonathan Haskel, and Catherine Mann favored a 25 bps hike to 5.50%. This split decision reflects that the hawks remained persistent in their push more tighter monetary policy.

The central bank reiterated its stance that "monetary policy is likely to need to be restrictive for an extended period of time." This suggests continued cautious approach towards easing monetary conditions, likely due to persistent inflationary pressures. The Bank further emphasized that "Further tightening in monetary policy would be required if there were evidence of more persistent inflationary pressures," indicating readiness to adjust policy should inflation not moderate as expected.

Regarding inflation, BoE forecasts that CPI inflation rate will hover near its current rate around the turn of the year, before gradually declining thereafter. On the growth front, BoE anticipates that GDP growth will be "broadly flat in Q4 and over the coming quarters."

Full BoE statement here.

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