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Fed’s Goolsbee suggests rate cuts if inflation declines further

Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee has suggested that Fed should consider cutting interest rates if inflation continues its downward trajectory towards the 2% target. He emphasized the importance of adjusting monetary policy to align with changing inflation dynamics.

Goolsbee explained that holding the current rate as inflation decreases effectively tightens monetary conditions. He noted, “If you sit with the rate somewhere while inflation goes down, you’re tightening. The reason that you would want to tighten is if you think that you’re not on a path to 2%.”

Furthermore, Goolsbee pointed out the importance of balancing inflation control with overall economic stability. He noted, “If employment starts falling apart or if the economy begins to weaken, which you’ve seen some warning signs, you’ve got to balance that off with how much progress you’re making on the price front.” While acknowledging that the unemployment rate remains relatively low, he also highlighted its recent upward trend, indicating potential economic softening.

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