USD/CAD Weekly Outlook

USD/CAD’s rise from 1.3176 resumed by breaching 1.3613 resistance last week. Initial bias stays on the upside this week for channel resistance at 1.3665 first. Sustained break there would prompt upside acceleration towards 1.3897 resistance next. For now, near term outlook will stay bullish as long as 1.3477 support holds, in case of retreat.

In the bigger picture, price actions from 1.3976 (2022 high) are viewed as a corrective pattern only. In case of another fall, strong support should emerge above 1.2947 resistance turned support to bring rebound. Overall, larger up trend from 1.2005 (2021 low) is still expected to resume through 1.3976 at a later stage.

In the longer term picture, price actions from 1.4689 (2016 high) are seen as a consolidation pattern, which might have completed at 1.2005. That is, up trend from 0.9506 (2007 low) is expected to resume at a later stage. This will remain the favored case as long as 1.2947 resistance turned support holds.

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